Content Creation For Feature Films

SurferGirl | Sizzle Reel

Content creation for more than 450 feature films conceiving, writing, producing and directing. Global content strategy and narrative from theatrical through digital streaming for all SONY Labels (Columbia, TriStar, Screen Gems, SPRI, SONY Classics).

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengence | ComicCon Director Sizzle

Behind The Scenes | 100% b-roll featurette


Winner of Silver Clio Award | Spider-Man NBA Finals Spots

Homecoming 4 spots sequenced in a story, one in each game on linear tv. Each star did real-time social as the spots ran live( ie Stan Lee instagrammed a shot of Spidey from across the street during tv theft. Actual LIVE game footage was keyed into the tv screens in each spot.


Venom | Brazil Comic Con 2017

LIVE two-way Satellite to the southern hemisphere from set in Atlanta. The first ever done by any studio into Brazil Comic-Con.


Peter Rabbit | Music Video

Edited and synced film footage with the original song, no custom animation was used.


Spider-Man | Junket Stunt

Part 1 of a 2 part story played out between Robert Downey and Tom Holland shot at a junket. The payoff was Holland interrupting Downey in NYC junket wearing orange sun glasses.


Blade Runner | Playstation

Produced an exclusive piece intended to appeal to the specific Playstation gamer audience.


DaVinci Code | Behind The Scenes

This piece ran in 5k theaters for a month. The lower thirds flare up and create an anagram which if you solve spells out So Dark The Con of Man… which if you googled would then take you to the rest of the puzzle to solve.


SPIDER-MAN Homecoming | Media Promo Reel


Jumanji | Sizzle Reel Monster Shoot



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